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The Accidental Adventurer



Or Alternate Title: How a girly-girl discovered a love of the great outdoors.
So far, 2015 has been the year of adventuring. I did say that was one of my new year’s resolutions, so I’m succeeding at least to follow through with that part of it. The thing is, I continue to surprise myself every time I try something new. I was never the outdoorsy type. Being fair skinned and easily burned with a protective mother, I shied away from being outside a lot. I discovered a love for running and being active about 8 years ago. Sure, I have had gym memberships and run a lot outside, but until recently that was the extent of what I would do to be fit and active.

This year, that concept is changing. I’ve tried snowshoeing, rock climbing, mountain biking, I signed up for my first marathon and rediscovered my love of horseback riding. I’m learning to be open-minded about trying new things. I’m discovering the balance between my body being strong enough to achieve something (which is capable of a lot more than I thought!) and my mind believing I can.

Don’t get me wrong, I still get girly about things on occasion. I complained incessantly when my boyfriend and I went on a hike that was plagued by mosquitoes. It was on that same trip, though, that I came across a big rock and decided I needed to climb it, thus the beginning of my love of climbing. I still choose cute workout clothes over practical stuff because, you know, photos. And always sneak in a little makeup even if most of it’s going to melt off my face. I want to do all these amazing things but my vanity wants to look good while doing it. It’s like I have two sides of me that compete for attention. I’m a girly girl with a badass outdoor woman inside trying to break free. Does that sound too Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? Ha!

What I appreciate the most about this new adventurous side of me is how much I’m learning about myself; my capabilities and my limitations. There was one mountain bike ride my boyfriend and I went on that I met my limit. It was too technical (rocks and stairs and very steep climbs) and my lungs felt like they were going to explode or I was going to fly from my bike and hit a tree. I felt defeated a bit when I told him I could go no further, but now I’m excited to try it again after I feel a bit more comfortable on my bike.

When a friend of mine asked me recently if I want to try standup paddle boarding in the ocean, I said “No way, the ocean scares the shit out of me!” then I realized a few days later that somehow my mind had been changed and that in fact, I do want to try that. Fear is still a big factor in what I’m doing. There have been many times that I’ve been afraid of wiping out on my bike, falling from the rock wall, sliding off a cliff of snow in my snowshoes, or just somehow meeting an untimely end. My pride fears looking like a fool, or a weakling, or unfit, or generally not good enough. But then I realize, I’m out there, doing it, pushing myself to be better and that every mosquito bite, sunburn, scratch or bruise is a battle wound; a reminder to myself that I’m stronger today than I was yesterday and to keep going for it.

Blogaversary and #liveinpursuit Launch


Over the last year, since the launch of this blog, I’ve experienced my fair share of ups and downs. I ended a long-term relationship; made countless new friends; rediscovered my love for running; discovered a few new hobbies, such as mountain biking and rock climbing; underwent a surgery that left me drained of all motivation and inspiration; and of course last but not least, began a new relationship that has me discovering so much about myself and what it means to be a good partner to someone.

I’m so grateful for the life I am building for myself and I never want to take any of it for granted. That’s where the name of this blog becomes so much more meaningful to me. I never want to grow inert. I never want to live life day in and day out without making the effort to grow or learn.

As a reminder to myself and hopefully to encourage others, I’m launching a hashtag project on Instagram. I hope you will join me in tagging your photos #liveinpursuit as a reminder to play an active role in our lives and to live in pursuit of what makes life good.

Word of Intention: June


Word of Intention: June
A lot of my May was spent recovering from an unexpected wisdom tooth surgery. It has been a challenging time for me. It put a lot of my active pursuits on hold and generally left me feeling pretty crappy. I really had no idea what to expect, having never had surgery.

Despite or maybe because of this challenge, it makes me reflect on my overall good health and my life in general. I am grateful for being strong, healthy and active. I’m grateful for the support of my friends and family, and a wonderful boyfriend who makes me feel so well taken care of. I’m grateful for my love of knitting, for keeping from going completely stir crazy while I was recovering. Last but not least, I’m grateful for my freelance career which allows for flexibility when life gets messy.

It’s easy to get lost in the problems you face in life, but with a little effort, it’s easy to turn that around and practice gratitude.

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